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Default Re: In need of Colorado trip suggestions!!

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
Checking runoff projections a month or so in advance is great advice. I think they've had lots of snow this year.

For southwest CO, I'd recommend the Canon City-Salida area over the Roaring Fork/Frying Pan area. I've spent a week or so in both and the Basalt/ Aspen area is just expensive. I like Basalt quite well, but its likely a bit quieter and ritzier than y'all are looking for. Salida has lots of restaurants and such, and you might be able to find a camping spot on a lake that would be great for the others, and still be able to to to the Arkansas quickly to fish. You also would have the option of a whitewater trip with one of the outfitters in Buena Vista.

If you want to catch hogs, get there quicker, and spend less money, I'd look into a location in Northern Arkansas on the White River, or Little Red. The largest trout in the world are there, and us Texans don't invade AR in the summer like we do CO.
We don't have any trout here
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