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Default Re: saltwater kayak angler thread

I met a guy at Bass Pro who said he hooked into a 300lb marlin while kayak fishing with some friends 2 miles out. He told me the fish towed him about ten miles out to sea but after about four hours of fighting it, he brought it to the boat. I asked what he did with it and his reply did kinda make me feel dumb for asking. "It's a 300lb fish, I'm almost too tired to paddle, I'm twelve miles from shore, and I'm in a kayak. It's not like I could just toss it in a five gallon bucket and bring it home." He showed me the picture and it was every bit as big as he said it was. In the photo he held it along side the kayak with one hand at it's mouth and the other almost at the caudal peduncle.

That being considered, I think I'm fine with just some inshore fishing for reds. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy was sea fishing in a yak and hauled up a very large octopus. No thanks, no thanks.
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