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Default Re: Saltwater question

Sounds to me very much Like Norm Zeiglers "Schminnow", The only difference is bead chain eyes instead of Plastic Eyes.

We have used them up hear for a long time for Striped Bass and tied them with different color Estaz with white marabou or matching color marabou and made them weighted with a brass cone head which were easier to tie than bead chain eyes and also tied them unweighted. WE called them "The Marabou Madness".

Funny how in geographical areas people have had the basic idea of this fly. Lends a little credence to the saying "Great Minds Think Alike"

I am also going to Destin in October, I think I may be arriving about the time you will be leaving. I am arriving on the 13th for a week and then driving to New Orleans for the following week. I have never been to either place before but I am looking forward to it also, if you learn anything good that might be of help a PM would be greatly welcome. Good luck on your trip
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