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Default Re: Danvise Vise?

Each to their own. At some fly fishing shows and shops, you're able to sit down and try various vises and determine what works best for YOU.

If you have no interest in rotary, buy the best fixed action vise you can afford, like a Regal Medallion, DynaKing Professional or an HMH Exhibition... if you want to tie rotary, buy a DynaKing Barracuda, Renzetti Presentation or even a Nor-Vise.

But if all of those are more money than you can or care to spend, then look at the features YOU NEED/WANT in a vise and make a list of those, then get your hands on the lower priced vises and see which ones (if any) have ALL OF the most critical features you want and then make a decision.

For me, I didn't care about rotary, but I wanted to be able to see all sides of the fly, so I wanted the vise head to be able to turn. I wanted a lot of clearance around the jaws to get my hands in close to the hook. I wanted to be able to adjust the angle of the vise head. And most importantly, because I don't get a ton of time to tie, but when I tie, I do it for a couple of hours at a session, I wanted a comfortable place to rest my "off hand" while tying.

My choice (when I upgraded from my Thompson A) was a Regal. I liked the DynaKing and HMH, but they weren't nearly as comfortable to tie on for me. I also bought a Renzetti Traveler about 5 years after because I wanted to fool around with rotary style tying, but I seldom do it.

BUT, THAT SAID... one thing I learned is many of the flies I tie I can tie "production style" by using BOTH vises. I prep my materials in advance for a pattern, then sit down on the Renz and tail, tie bodies, and whip finish the flies and set them aside. Then I mount the finished bodies in the Regal and do my hackle and winging and whip finish off the heads.

If you can get adequately comfortable and have enough room to tie in your materials on ANY vise, you can see as much of the fly as you want, and the vise is stable on your surface (with a clamp or a pedestal) than go for it. You can always upgrade later if you decide you need more features.
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