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Default Re: The Broken Rod Poll; Edited, New Catagory added.

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

Your story is the first (I think) of this nature. I'm curious how this happened but know it would be difficult to describe in detail. I always string rods by taking about 6" of the fly lines tip - doubling it over unto itself making a loop in the front of the bend, and then thread this through each guide. Even if the line escapes your grip while stringing up, the loop formed gets caught in the guides and stops the line from falling back to the reel. Once the looped line with leader attached is clear of the guides I'm ready to tie on the fly.

I'm not quite sure how you ended up with a broken tip but the part where the fly rod was "down behind me" could well be the culprit here. It is very seldom that I lay a rod on the ground, it happens sometimes when trying to get the hook from a fish especially if the rod is 13 - 15' long. The long rods are a bit cumbersome when you land fish and if there is no handy bush or tree to lean the rod against I lay them down. When this happens I am like a guy walking on egg shells until I have it back safely in my hands.

I'm sorry to hear that this happened, what rod, and are you fixing it? (sending it in)

I can try to explain it better.
I walked out of the bush through really high cat tails and muddy water. It got a little more solid under feet as approached the bank, cat tails still really thick.

When I reached the bank I put the rod together. The leader and fly was reeled into the tip end guide of the rod. I placed the rod down on the ground behind me with the reel handle facing up or out not face down , picked it up in by the middle began pulling out the fly. It happened so fast.

I think some how my hand holding the rod perhaps made an unnatural fulcrum point that put undo pressure on the last 4 or 5 inches of the tip.

I hate admitting it was my Sage RPL GFL 7'6" 5 wt. Sage informed me, "Pretty sure they still work with that model out in the shop from time to time" So chopped it up and sent it to them.
$50 bucks and no questions asked: new tip coming. Just got the email from them saying they received my rod tip and multiple additional weeks to wait.

Happy Camper though. I love that rod

In hindsight I may have had inflated expectations with the thresh hold of these precision, delicate instruments.
I couldn't go without fishing the last few wekks of the season so promptly went out and bought the 4 wt. st. croix imperial in a 7'6". Very nice rod for the dough. Am much more careful now with it.
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