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Default Re: Drift Boat Forums

I most often fish alone.

Can a drift boat be handled and fished from comforably without a second person? I seem to think I see more with two persons in the boat than one. Most of the water I would be in is 3-4 maybe 5 knot current when one generator is being run. Moving but not roaring by any means.

With a drift boat what is a comforable size. Beam I suppose really plays into it. What is the normal range, a big one is how long and how wide? Compared to a small one which is?

Rowing..I love to row, always did, (when I was 9 years old) not the same with paddling. Can a drift boat be rowed upstream say in a 4 knot current or is it a real chore? Im not think along the lines of a motor but it could happen.

I weight near 200lbs. If I stood up both feet on the handrail (just pretend I could balance that well) will it capsize? Can one stand with a foot on the hand rail and not feel like it was going to flip?
I can picture myself drifting down the Caney Fork spinning in circles try to cast. Can this be kept under control with out a lot of oar work or is it learned to do both, cast and manage the drift

Ive done a little reading about the designs and some pro's and cons of the different design features and picked up a few things but what do you think would be a preferable style considering Id be alone most of the time. More rocker? Less length.
I just copied this and it tells me a a few thing ti keep in mind

"# Big boats are for big water and small boats for small water
# The taller and/or lighter a boat the more it is affected by wind.
# The faster the water the more a river boat needs to be efficient when it is in line with the current and when it is sideways to the current.
# It's best to keep the center of gravity as low as possible."

Anything anyone can add sure will help. It would be good to find a guide and get in one to really find out.

Thanks again

Wow that's a lot of money. I could imagine building a kit....maybe.
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