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Default Re: My favorite freshwater quarry

That's very cool to see Pete, some pure Guadalupes, beautiful fish. The Llano is a beautiful place too.

Not many places left with pure Guads, including my river the Colorado. They are all hybrids now. A study on the Blanco River found no pure fish, only hybrids.
In the mid-70s up to the early 80s the Parks and Wildlife Dept. stocked Smallmouth bass in the Hill Country rivers with no though of how it would effect the native populations of fish. The Guadalupe developed over a period of 10,000 years on the Hill Country rivers and streams, it took 40 years for them to almost hybrid away. The State seems committed to rebuild the populations with various strategies, but in places like the Colorado River with millions of hybrids, I'm not sure it can be done or undone.

BTW - for the Texas guys, Oktoberfisch - a gathering of Texas flyfishers on the South Llano River - is in about a month. I'm hoping to go to my first one, and catch a pure Guadalupe.

Thanks for the post Pete.
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