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Default Importance of Reel Size?

I've been considering getting into Spey fishing. I don't entirely want to throw down several hundred dollars for a new reel to pair whichever rod I end up getting, though (most likely a #7 or #9 for steelhead and salmon, respectively). I would, however, be willing to spend the nearly $200 for a spool for my Lamson Litespeed 3.5X to balance whichever rod I went with for spey. As far as I can tell the only thing a larger reel is important for in spey is 1) arbor size and 2) weight. I imagine I could get a bronze cuffling to slide over the spoke of my reel and therefore add a precise amount of weight, of my choosing, to my reel. And with my 3.5X having an already large arbor (250y backing compatible) I have a hard time justifying getting a lower-end reel when I have a very, very slick one to use with just the cost of a DIY bronze cuffling and a spool.

Anyone have 2c on the matter?
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