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One of my favorite rods is my Redington Classic Trout (now called the Redington Tempt) in 3wt 7'6" 4pc. I normally run it with a 2/3 Greys Streamlite reel with DT3F and it is a pleasure to cast. Quite possibly my favorite setup I own. Priced under $200 dollars it is well within your budget.
I broke this rod out today for a bit of practice for an up coming trip. Verdict: Still an awesome setup. The Classic Trout with a Streamlite hanging off of it is stunning. Something about this setup makes me fall in love everytime I pick it up. I love a 3wt weight and I love a shorter rod and this one is beautiful. I always question how you can get a rod this good for such a low price. The action is perfection. Not so slow as to be annoying and but not too fast to suck the fun out of your task. Its like the perfect speed to let you enjoy the moment that line turns over and you load the rod back up. Don't get me wrong, I love some fast actions too but not all the time, they are like the quickies of the fly world, they get the job done and everyone loves them but when I want to make love, I reach for my Redington CT...
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