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Default Tight, strong loops that catch the fly back on the line?

Ever since I learned how to load a rod and use more of a two handed cast (rod in my right, working the line with my left) I have been casting this way. Recently I got some new line for my 6wt rod that is quite a bit more "powerful" than the trout line it replaced (SA Titan Taper with the rough bumpy texture). I can load the rod real well with it and it is very responsive line compared to what I had. I have noticed when I get the line going on the last shooting cast a lot of times the fly rides below the loop and just before it turns over at the end of the loop the fly catches back on the line.

What can I do to reduce the frequency of the line catches, or eliminate it all together?

Overall the line is a world of difference - I can feel the additional power (thicker shooting head, stiffer braided mono core) and I build that right in to each cast. I can get enough power in to the line that it tugs the rod when the loop unfolds carrying nymphs. I couldn't get anywhere near that before.
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