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Default Re: Were are all the Ladies?!

Originally Posted by Joni
I hear that. While working in Orvis the gentlemen customers would just walk right past when I asked if I could help. The fact that I am a guide also, they always say can you help my wife, when I have accually helped several men.I am trying to get my fishing ladies on board here. I have fished with several and they are getting better real fast. Lefty knows about women and fly fishing.Hope I see you post more, I would live to hear how you are progressing. You got the passion I can tell.
Well, I can say Joni that you are the one I preferred to help me at Orvis. Your knowlege was always top notch and your tying patterns are amazing. I have actually always thought that ladies are better casters then men. We tend to overdo it while the ladies have a natural delicacy to their casts that just blends with the flyfishing world well.

Did you ever fish that perch pattern that you had displayed at the store?
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