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Default Re: Time To Talk About Some New Fly Swaps;

These are just some thoughts and opinions on the swap idea, and are just meant as that, my 2 cents.

I love the swap idea. But I may not be up to this task skill wise. I have been tying off and on since I was 15 with many yearly lay overs. However I have only so much pattern experience, materials, and skill level.

I have seen outstanding tying skills here. I like the idea of a wide open swap. Many fishermen have many different approaches to tying and I break away from patterns, and tradition, trying to hit what works locally. Others use color combinations that work .

The approach to a swap, I think, is important. For me what's most important is the follow through to give not receive. To share patterns with like minded folk that have produced fish.

I only tie for trout. I only tie what I need locally for sea run brookies. Sometimes my tying supplies are low and improv. is the name of the game. If the swap had categories like Proven Trout ,Salmon or Other patterns, and that's it. Whats important is that they are proven.

Then there is no pressure no one has any big expectations or standards to have to meet then it is just plain fun. Once the swap partners are determined, they can workout any additional details of their swap through private messaging.

Folks should enter a swap prepared and wllingto accept the fact that they may not receive anything or what they do receive will be of lesser quality than what they give. This way it is all about sharing, keeping the 'teacher/student' approach and preserving the culture of this wonderful art form.
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