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Default is my rod breaking/defective? or is this normal? pics included

10.16.12 UPDATE: THANK YOU ORVIS, got my new rod in the mail today just in time for this weeekend's trip. very happy and very impressed with their service.

hey guys
i went fishing today and noticed something on the handle of my rod that doesnt seem normal.
short backstory:
Orvis Clearwater 905-4 (love it, great rod so far)
purchased June 23rd 2012 (so just 3 month ago)
i try to get out fishing at least once a week, bur more realistically its every other weekend, so not that many days on the water.
i take pretty good care of my personal belongings, so rod was not abused in any way.

Problem: looks like the threaded part that you screw reel with into the handle is starting to come apart a bit from the rest of the handle.
while gap seems small if i press it together it disappears and rod looks normal.
but if i screw reel in or just slightly pull it, it then creates a gap/opening of about 1.5mm (big enough for me to see internal brown tube part thats inside the handle)
so i dont think this is normal,
is this common? thre's Orvis store in Pasadena (im in Long bach CA) so next time im up in that part of Los Angeles ill definitely stop in to have them take a look at it.
im not too concerned as thats the whole point of 25 year warranty, but i do wonder being its just barely 3 month old, would i still have to do the usual $30 1 time payment as is required with any warranty claim?
any advice?
thanks guys

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