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Default Re: Having trouble feeling the load in the backcast


You need to change your perspective. You are not trying to throw a flyline, you are trying to create a loop. The loop is the thing that takes your fly out there, it's the heart of the fly cast.
To create a loop you need to accelerate the rod to a stop. The casting stroke loads the rod, the stop allows the rod to unload. Your stroke should look like this \\\\_/ > . \/ is the angle change of the rod butt and _ is the distance the hand moves during that angular change. For a cast of 35' _ only needs to be about 6''. This will equate to a 3' tip path as the rod ampifies your hand movement. Try to get the rod to unload so that it straightens as close to the path of the flyline as possible. This will give you the tightest and most dynamic loops. Start from using not enough force to cast the line and gradually increasing it until the line is aerialised. Have a relaxed grip.

Don't forget that the fly cast has to mirror itself back and forward and don't put any extra effort into the delivery stroke. Just create the loop and watch it go.

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