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Default Re: What's the easiest 5wt rod to cast < $500

Guys, i think in hinsight I will just invest $40 in a castiing lesson from the local Orvis endorsed fly shop. I've got several nice rods and should be able to get one dialed in. I'll focus on the caster instead of the rod for a bit. A good instructor may be able to tell me if I need something else. I bought a ZXL just since i got such an incredible deal on one recently. I tried some casts tonight with Rio Grand and was getting some good feel with this rod and made some decent casts out to almost 50 feet. I'll take that to the lesson.

I can't cast the Sage One worth a ****. I have a Scott A4 in a 4 wt, 8 ft and actually do better with that than any of the 5 wts I've tried.
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