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Talking Re: walleye fly fishing.

Do these glow in the dark flies help in murky water at all? There is a lake that's about 30 minutes from me that supposedly has walleye in it. It was originally advertised as a tiger musky lake. However, it's supposedly unknown to most that there are walleye in that lake. The guy at the bait shop informed me that in that lake, they sit close to the bottom... What I had thought about doing is taking bait and trolling the areas that he said they would be in, targeting what they like, then going after them with a fly rod...

Another question:

I have the Missouri river going through my city and it's not far from here... I know that there's a bit of everything in the Missouri. However, as the weather gets colder, shouldn't I see more walleye and pike come down from the north? Now, Missouri is very warm and humid throughout the year and I don't hear of much Pike and walleye... However, no one fishes the river after October... In the spots that I fish, there are a lot of eddys and holes where I fish. Spey rod or at least some kind of spey casting is a must where I fish on the river because there is no backcast (looks like I need to invest in a spey rod combo. Any ideas without spending a ton of cash?).

I didn't really know if anyone has had experience with the missouri, so I thought I'd shoot blindly about it since we're onto the subject of walleye...

Thanks for all of the info...
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