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Default Re: Redfishing, a little help?

About the only sight fishing I could do was to flooded grass that was obviously being disturbed by large fish beneath the surface, and to some nervous water. I fish from a kayak so my view is restricted to about three feet above the water. I was fishing based upon where I "thought" the fish "should" be. I figured they'd be by the creek mouths and hanging around some oyster beds. Standing in my boat is not really an option. I knelt to pee and nearly tipped the boat over. I've been thinking of rigging it for sight fishing, with a push pole, leaning bar, outriggers, etc. I know I should go on a guided trip, but the cheapest I found was $200. I'm hoping to find a few other people here in the Myrtle Beach area who fly fish for reds, or even kayak fish for them.

At one point I did see a school of larger fish chasing some baitfish, I assume they were reds but I didn't see for sure. When I cast it landed about six feet in front of the school, but my line got blown by the wind into some grass. As I stripped the fly it got pulled up and eventually snagged. Luckily I'm stubborn, because I'm starting to think I do not possess the patience to fly fish from a kayak out on an open marsh. If I weren't so stubborn I'd probably have moved on to bream fishing, or basket weaving.
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