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Default Re: Awesome news, moving to Montana, need help!

Thanks! I have a Cabela's Fish Eagle II that my dad bought for me when I was a bit younger, 5wt I believe. I will get the specs on it when I get home. I am not sure what kind of reel I have, nothing fancy. I do have a what I believe to be decent pair of hip waders and boots. What I am lacking is a different array of flies, and I would really like a 2/3wt for dry fly fishing, and something a little bigger than my 5wt. Also I am due for a new vest, just need to decide what I like and where to buy it from. I have thought for a while about some type of Allen reel (very good reel from the sound of it, especially for the price) and am no closer to choosing what brand of rod I would like. I don't have much $ to spend and will hopefully be able to spend $500.00 for a new setup including line etc.
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