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Default Re: Time To Talk About Some New Fly Swaps;

Hey Ard,

How goes it?Its been a while.

I have read a lot of good ideas here.What we all must realize is that it is a huge undertaking for the benefit of other to run a swap.Making it as simple as possible for said person is most important.I see no reason one should not include a self addressed,STAMPED,envelope for return post.I always include the same envelope that I am shipping in to ensure your container fits.Any small,hard side container works.All containers MUST have a name and address label.I also think it is imperative to keep deadlines in tact.It may sound harsh,but given a day a week will be taken.Given a week ,you can count on two.I think the deadlines should be relative to the fly being swapped,but what ever the date,that's the date. I also like the idea of each fly being in a small can get them as small or large as you like.They are cheap,and it is much easier to handle for the swapmaster than a pile if furry hooks.Each one with the fly name and the members name on a small piece of paper.I print off a whole sheet sized any ready to cut.
As for the swaps themselves,keep them open to all.If somebody wants to give it a go at a married wing,who are we to keep them down.We have all been there on one level or another.It is a great way practice and get your feet wet.You can bet that the last one tied will be a marked improvement over the first.Its about having fun,and learning.I have been in more than a few and have never received a fly that I could not use for something.

Just my 2 bits
Hope all is well
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