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Default Re: On the hunt for wife FFing success . . .

A couple of suggestions from someone who has been on a guided trip several times with my wife.
1) a woman guide MIGHT help. It certainly won't hurt. We had a fabulous trip in Alaska with a woman guide (who also is an iditerod competitor).
2) talk to the guide ahead of the trip and let her/him know that the most important thing is that your wife have a good time (catching fish may not be the most important part of this equation)
3) do not, and this is the really hard part, fall into the trap of assuming that you can concentrate on fishing and your wife will have a good time anyway. The quality of the experience of any less experienced fisherperson (and this is especially true of wives and kids) is directly related to how much attention they get from the more experienced fisherman on board. Do not do the guide's job, but pay a lot of attention to her having a good experience.

4) your title says "FFing success...". Define success as both of you having a good time out there. If you get to fish less but everyone has fun, you win, especially in the long run.

good luck
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