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Default Re: acceptable distance for 9' 5 wt.

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
I take a contrary position...

My advice is to NOT be satisfied or limited by a 40 foot range. Learn a more effective casting stroke. Learn to double haul. Learn to shoot line on the backcast. Practice.
Oh, I'm trying to increase my distance, but I feel like I've come a long way in less than 3 months. I am working on double hauling but that's coming slow. But in late July, I couldn't tie the fly to the end of the rod and hit you on the head with it. So I'm making progress. I was just trying to see if I was expecting too much out my equipment.

Back to the practice field, thanks,


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Originally Posted by oarfish View Post
With all of which you have shared here I think your doing a good job, I would like to make a suggestion and try a little experimentation with a SA Headstart 5wt line, its a half weight heavier than a normal 5wt line which could help you with timing and rod feel for 30 to 40 bucks.

Thanks, Rick. I may try that. I have a gift card from one of the major retailers, and had been wondering what to do with it. Headstart sounds like it was made for new fly fishers like me.


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Originally Posted by Liphookedau View Post
As mentioned you will always find some Lines better suited to Rods than others,as there are heaps of Lines made for Specific purposes,many really Shoot better than others.
You seem to be going OK,I wouldn't worry too much,distance & accuracy will come with practice,as suggested later on you probably will change Lines,even Rods.
Once you start catching a few Fish you won't worry about how far you can cast.

I improve a little each day. Some days I have a revelation (OH! So that's why they say...). Like tonight, I started watching my back cast and letting it unfold a little longer. Made quite a bit of difference. A week or so ago, I figured out I was letting my rod tip go to far back on the back cast. That helped also.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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