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Default Re: The Best Thing About Fly Fishing for Carp--A Video by Carp Slime Productions

Good video! yep it's the take! just watched this again and it's a superb video - sure explains why I love Carp Fly Fishing.

On an interesting side note, my Daughter, a hard core angler has been working on cooking Carp now and then. Her fried Carp sandwich is super table fare. The big secret there is to cut out the obvious dark red streak, soak in a shallow milk bath for a bit and then cook in cooking oil flavored with a good dose of bacon grease. Her breading is a corn meal and flour affair. Her other super recipe is to can the fish minus the biggest bones where the end product tastes between canned Salmon and Tuna and is perfect for a tuna style salad sandwich or fish cakes.
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