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Default Re: Action and Lengths Best For Beginners.

Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
a 9' 5 weight medium action rod would probably be a good choice for her.
check out the allen ATS rod-
ATS Rod Series - Allen Fly Fishing Store
incredible fly rod at a great price

That is a very nice rod. And fits the budget. Allen would be a contender.

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Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post

As for actions and lengths, there are three criteria to make her choices off of.
  1. Water types. Big water, small streams, both?
  2. What kinds of payloads will she be throwing? Dries, indo-float-a-bob-cators with split shot and multiple nymphs, streamers with heavy sinktips.
  3. What kind of action does she prefer?

If I was going to play the statistics based off of past observations, here are some choices that are popular in the western states with women.
  1. Small to medium streams, mostly dries, light nymphs and streamers. 8.5' 4 weight medium fast action.
  2. Medium to big water, a mix of everything, 9.0' 5 weight medium fast action.
  3. Big water, a mix of everything but favoring larger flies, usage of heavy sink tips for streamers, 9.0' 6 weight fast action.

1) Not sure on her preferred action. She really isn't sure herself as she has only used her Wally world combo. Which was very slow and mushy. She did remarkably well at times though.
2) She will be fishing small rivers and small ponds for pan sized, up to a pound or two trout. Not fast waters, but slower dead waters. Could be more wind and brush obstacles than many are used to.
3) Payloads would be simple traditional wet and dry flies around size 10 up to 16, mostly 14's I' say.
At least if she wants to go where I go. Was frustrating for her though first couple times, getting caught up too frequently and then there are the knots.
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