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Default Re: McCloud - Upper Sac trip

They close Ah Di Nah? milt.
There was a big fire so yes - I imagine there is a back log of people Mac-jonesing as well as curiosity about the fire on top of the Oct. caddis thang.

Not anymore, and it's a freakin' circus up here.
I bet. Bummer. I hope that $h|✝e clears up or at least goes back to the usual Oct. low roar. Nothing worse than too much company in this sport. Well aside from pollution, water diversions, dams, poachers, etc.

Make sure to pack a bunch of these (the fake one that is).
Thanks. Those flies look great. Do they sell them at Ted Fay? The Fly Shop? We usually stop at both. I have a few cool dry flies I like to use and a couple new ones I haven't tried. Big orange stims have worked well in the past too. Unfortunately I had to sell my vice before I learned much at all. I'll have another go at tying some day soon I hope.

keep those little pockets of fly fishing off the Internet. Larry
Indeed! Will do sir! Otherwise it'll end up like this. . .

Click the image to open in full size.
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