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Default Re: Tight, strong loops that catch the fly back on the line?

I was casting a couple rods yesterday and the guy I was with was saying I wasn't letting enough time on the back cast and my forward cast was getting "flicked" too much. The hardest part for me is the back cast. I don't want my fly/line dropping because this is when the fly catches whatever is behind me (grass, a bush, etc). Another bad habbit I have is to drift the rod tip forward while I am waiting on the back cast. Once I got everything tuned right I was able to get a nice loop and get the line out pretty well.

Something else I was told is I am working too hard on the cast. I load the rod by pulling on the running line with my left hand while making my forward or back casts to add energy to it. In a couple instances this got my line speed up tremendously, but most of the time I didn't get the sequence quite right and it was wasted horsepower.

The last improvement I see I need is to get my take off angle up. Some of the good sequences I did resulted in shooting the loop right in to the ground. I need to release that above the horizon to get the line to unfold all the way before it hits the water.
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