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Default Re: Dead drift a popper?

Poppers work great in VA during the hot summer. I dead drift, I use them like a streamer, and have used them in still water in the shade. During the summer look for shade along the banks, throw one along the bank just inside the shade. You may end up with more pan fish strikes but there is nothing like real top water action with poppers. If you want to keep the pan fish hook ups down, use large poppers in the #6 or #4s.
They are also easier to remove than the smaller ones. Which will end up lodged in the pan fishes mouth and be a PITA to remove wo killing the thing. It never amazes me how those little pan fish can suck those popper right down their throats.
Sky blue, black, and olive green seem to be the favorites in the Rappahannock and Rapidan.

If you don’t make your own…get some at the VA Fly Fishing Festival every year in Waynesboro.
Walt Cary makes some great ones and sells them at the show. (A whole lot cheaper than buying them anywhere else.)
I’d also pick up some shad fly’s for the Shad runs in the spring.
Here is a site that will give you some great info on the local fishing.
CatchGuide Fishing Books |

If you don’t know…you are located in one of the prime and unadvertised fly fishing areas of the east.

So Don’t tell anyone!

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