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Default How to repair broker blank near tip?

I was salmon fishing on the Salmon River in NY and on the last fish I landed I put the rod down and went to grab the salmon and it still had some fight in it and flipped and the rod was between some rocks (I didn't notice when I put it down) and- you guessed it- about 12" down from the tip the blank snapped in two.
It is a Fenwick Eagle, not a very expensive rod but I can use it for bass, etc if I can fix it. The broken halves fit together okay and I have done some net searches. It seems the deal is to make a hardwood dowell that fits into the two broken parts and glue that in place and then wind the exteior.
What is the best way to do this type of repair? Is a wood dowell the best or is a dowell made of other material better? What type of glue should be used? If you wind the outside, what type of thread and should it be covered with epoxy, etc? I understand using windings for a line guide but using winding for a broken blank doesn't seem right. Would a fiberglass patch around the outside be better? Thanks for any help.
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