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Default Re: Trout Beads for Salmon River NY

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
This may not be a popular thing to post but here goes.

Don't go there! Plastic beads are as far from fly fishing as you can get. Take that from a guy who has caught plenty of trout (right up to yesterday afternoon) fishing around spawning Coho salmon using a Real fly. I have been catching good numbers of fish this fall using the same pattern that I've fished for a year strait. Call it a streamer, the Jock O' Dee, and it's taken fish every time I go out.

I could go looking for pictures and then litter this post with pictures but I'll just put one or 2 on, the first fish took a streamer fly 3 weeks ago and the little guy just yesterday.

Click the image to open in full size.

That's the Dee fly in the mouth of this one.

Click the image to open in full size.

In an effort to stay on the topic I searched old photos that could be scanned, this is a trout from up there that I caught while living in Pennsylvania

Click the image to open in full size.

I don't mind spin fishing, or the use of lures & bait. I think it makes perfect sense at times but using any sort of a plastic facsimile on a fly fishing rod followed by saying you were or are fly fishing in not accurate.

Just say no,

Hi Ard ! I understand. But according what I understood, beads (or egg fly like Glo bug) are the only way to hook steelheads some days (maybe not !). I'm tying some flies like Glo bug with Mcfly foam, crystal meth, and some estaz. I have to tie also green caddies and other stone flies nymph.

Swinging technique, is unknow for me. I fish streamers for brown trouts in my local stream, but I think the technique is different. I never fish with a spey fly rod.

Dead drift with a nymph or egg pattern, is similar to european nymph (but I use an indicator), I would only go with bigger flies and stronger leaders.

Nice fish Ard !!
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