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Default Re: Time To Talk About Some New Fly Swaps;

Been off the forum foa few months, and checked into the fly swaps to see what was going on now that the season is starting to wind down.


First - sorry to hear Mark has gone missing - hope he is well, and as stated by others I felt he was a saint for handling swaps in the past.

Second - If someone got a fly that was used, I wonder if they contacted the tier and let them know - might have just been a mistake? I have been in a lot of swaps, and I don't think I have ever sent a used fly, but if I did I would hope whoever got it would let me know so I could apologize profusely - as it would have been a mistake and not intentional - and I could tie up a replacement or two or twleve and send it tothe person. I learned a long time ago that mistakes happen and you should at least give the person the opportunity to make it right before they are tarred and feathered.

As for levels in swaps - I think everyone should know going in if it is an all hands type of swap or an experts only type of swap - teh tough part is dealing with those that think they are an expert but aren't - I'm not, so, that's an easy one for me.

SASE and get em back in the same container sounds like a plan - for those overseas - whatever works.

The partner idea sounds interesting - might be cool to try it with a half dozen flies and two partners also.

I have participated in many swaps, gotten better and worse than I tied in almost every one of them. But I had fun in each one I was in, I got fishable flies for the most part, and I have enjoyed the commaraderie of other tiers. I always tried to tie whatever pattern I was tying to the best of my ability, and never once felt I was ripped off with what I got in return. I hope others felt the same about my flies. The most important thing to me in these swaps has always been to do my best, try to tie decent flies and have fun.

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