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Default Need to buy first fly

Hello forum friends.

First post on this forum, just joined this week, as a matter of fact, just bought my first fly rod and reel this week. Super stoked.

I have no flies, so before I start thinking and looking, I wanted to get some first hand knowledge and suggestions.

The area I live in is San Antonio texas.

I'm gonna use a 9ft 5 wt rod. Targeting LMB, some glue gill and what ever other pan fish. In creeks and guadalupe river. I am just so excited to catch anything on a fly! (Containing my excitement)

Water is mostly clear. Tell me, what shape profile of fly should I use, weight, and color pattern? I'm not looking for secret patterns or anything, I just really have NO CLUE what to throw. So to narrow it down, I'm asking for help from anyone on this forum that by chance has fished waters around my area.

Thank you so much I advance for responses pertaining to my questions.

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