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Default Re: My Latest Muskie Fly

Originally Posted by jamesrvrmusky View Post
Great looking fly. Working along the same lines with some articulated flies for Musky. Two questions: what is the eye that you are using, and do you have a good source for bucktails suitable for Musky flies. So far, I'm taking mail order pot-luck from the online sources, and not real happy with the tails I'm getting.


Yes, I am only tying articulated flies now, really like the action, the larger profile, and a bit of the fail safe in case of short strikes.

I will get the exact size off the lead barbell eyes that I have when I get back to the bench.

As for supplies, I've had really good luck buying the bucktails and other supplies from this site (great customer service too):

Grizzly Saddle Hackle Patch #82 | Grizzly Saddle Hackle Patch fly tying saltwater hackle bass bug hackle | Featured Products-Home Page | Fly Fishing Gear - Accessories - Fly Tying Materials | The Fly Fishers Fly Shop

Also, I bought some of the Clear Cure Goo and eyes the other day, really like this stuff and it adds a lot to the flies. Finish w/ a little Sally Hansens and you won't be disappointed.
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A few more pics from the tying bench. Tied up a few killer patterns yesterday evening, not sure when I'll be throwing them but can't wait.
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And of course, my muskie hound checking out the progress:
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