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Default Re: Top 3 For Bettering Your Cast

1- practice means do it at home, or a park, but not while fishing. I know lots of guys who've fished for decades without improving their cast, in spite of trying.

2- pick a straight line you can see in the background, hold your casting hand up, and practice tracing your casting stroke along that straight line. Start in super slo-mo. Do that for five minutes, or until it's perfect, then speed up a little. Progress in this way until your moving at full speed, and tracing a perfectly straight line. Do it again tomorrow.

3- go to a park with a few pie plates or hula hoops, and lay them out at intervals. Tie on a dime sized piece of bright yarn in place of a fly. Casting to targets usually improves all aspects of the cast. Accuracy begets efficiency, efficiency begets distance.
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