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Default It all Finally came together!

Ever since i began fly fishing several years ago i almost exclusively fished dry flies. This was solely because every time i tried to nymph fish i became frustrated. I guess you could say i never really put the time in to learn how to do it properly. As you can imagine dry fly fishing surely cuts down the productive time you have on the water.

This fall i had enough, I swore to myself i would put the time in and do my homework. I read and read and read some more. Spending countless hours on the internet, talking to people on the stream, whatever information i could get i soaked it in like a man possessed.

For the last month or so i have been putting countless hours on weekends fishing nymphs. I would get the odd fish here and there, but it always felt like the blind squirrel finding a nut kinda thing. Well today it happened, i caught 8 Rainbows ranging between 12" and 17" and one beautiful Brown that was 14" but had the most awesome colors!
Let me state that by no means do i think i have learned everything. Heck I'm sure i haven't even scratched the surface. But it sure felt good to have some confidence in what i was doing.

Just wanted to say Thank You to the members of this forum and others like it for providing the endless knowledge that helped my on my way to achieve my goal.

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