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Default Re: length for a leader?

Okay, so I keep going back on forth on this question (leader design). Sometimes I just use a level leader (just one long piece of mono or fluoro in 8# test) and sometimes I go back to a 3-part leader very similar to what riptide uses.

I'd take rip's advice, he knows what he's talking about and probably has a few decades fishing experience over me .

That said, just to toss in more ideas for you, I find that a 20# to 12# to 8# leader of 9-10' works well for me. I prefer the longer leader for the waters I fish because they're pretty shallow and the bass tend to be more shy than is typical....otherwise I'd probably just use a 6-7' leader.

I usually use about 6' of 20# test, then probably 1' of 12# and the rest is the 8#. It's not exact. This leader seems to turn over big flies pretty well.

If you want you can try to use a level leader in your 10# test -- for smaller flies like #8-12 it will probably be just fine and you may not need the tapered, fat butt section. I find that for #6 and #4 flies I do have trouble with level leaders getting flies to turn over well and prefer the 3-part experiment!
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