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Default Redington Voyant or Torrent

Hey Folks,

I am currently using a 4 weight CT for my all around rod for dries and light weight nymph rigs. I am however looking to upgrade to a 5 weight rod that can handle some streamers and slightly heavier nymph rigs. (My 4 weight will do small streamers, but struggles with anything above a size 8). I'm looking at either a Redington Voyant, or Torrant. Does anyone have any experience with these two rods? If so what is your opinion? Also, what is the action on them? I prefer a medium to medium fast action rod.



P.S. in the future after I've auctioned an internal organ I intent to buy a good nymph rod, anyone know anything about the Echo Shadow, or St. Croix High stick Drifter?
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