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Default Re: Sipsey Fork - Alabama

I actually went there today and caught my first trout on a fly rod (well, my first six ). The generators were not scheduled to run today, so I decided that it would be a pretty good day to try it out.

I had stopped by to look around and talk to the guys at the fly shop last week, so I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do when I brought a rod with me. I decided to try out my new 2wt since I was going to use stuff like size 20 or smaller nymphs, and I had been told that they put up a pretty good fight on a rod that light.

Well I managed to catch one after about 30 minutes with the nymph tandem rig that I had learned about at the shop, and then I noticed that there were fish rising in the pool just downstream from where I was fishing. Well there was a hatch of some kind going on (I haven't learned the hatches yet; these were very small and a very light tan color. I couldn't catch one to look at it up close.) so I tied on a dry fly. I had forgotten my fly floatant, so I tied on the only thing I had that would float easily without it: a size 16(I think) elk hair caddis. It didn't match the hatch very well, but it definitely worked well enough for me! I had one rainbow launch itself completely out of the water when it took my fly! I only fished for a couple of hours and missed or lost more fish than I landed, but I had a great time. I'll definitely be back to fish it again as soon as possible.

Oh and the pool I was fishing is pretty easy to get to. I walked up the gravel road towards the dam and made my way down to the water at the place where the guys are standing at about 0:37 seconds into the youtube video linked in the first post. From there I walked upstream to the first part you come to that starts to narrow and get deeper. The deep run on that goes along the opposite side of the stream seems to hold a pretty high concentration of fish when the water is down like it was today.

Sorry this became more of a fishing report than a discussion of how to catch fish there . I'm just still holding residual excitement from the fishing today lol. Has anyone else had really good luck with fishing the Sipsey Fork?

Oh and PS: I caught one fish with deep bite marks on its sides from what I assume was a hybrid striper considering the fact that the Alabama state record hybrid came from the same stretch of water. Does anyone know anything about how to catch these fish in a stream like this one?
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