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Default Re: Top 3 For Bettering Your Cast

bigjim, I understand where you are coming from but #1 doesn't work for me.

The rod can only do one thing...straighten. It has been calculated, by better men than me, I might add, that the potential energy from the rod only accounts for less than 20% of the total energy needed to cast a flyline. That means that over 80% comes directly from the caster via leverage. However, that 20% (more or less) is vital and where that 20% is directed will have a significant influence on how the cast turns out.

My three; Use a a relaxed thumb on top grip, it restricts wrist movement better than a V grip. Fore finger up also works but is not so comfortable.

Emphasis should be on loop formation not casting the weight of the fly line.

Fly casting has to mirror back and front, if you only watch your fore cast you are only seeing half the picture. Learn to glance back and see what's going on behind you.

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