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Default Re: Another newb looking for your guidance!

Originally Posted by mylobass View Post
Yes redtide is a algae type bloom. It is very bad here right now and entering Collier County as of last night. Loads of dead fish on the beaches, it also causes illness in people. Asthma suffers are warned to stay awy from shores. Everyone feels the scratchy sore throat, burning eyes, hacking cough etc. Its heading south towards Marco and usually lasts about a 2 weeks in an area before it clears. Fishing takes longer to recover. Back country is not as affected. I wish you luck. For what its worth I fish the beach almost everyday all summer and I never use a stripping basket. I dont use it wading either and have never regretted it as wearing the thing takes all the joy out of fishing for me.

Check, the local news station. They have regular stories and updates on its current status.
Thanks for explaining this mylobass. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed; our little group arrives on Marco next Sat 10/27 to stay the following week, so I hope it doesn't get there while we are there! I will probably try the surf fishing without the basket first, as I've never used one in rivers up to now; but I have had times where long cast attempts have been spoiled by piled up line catching on something floating around me or getting tangled- very frustrating. May then have to try it with a basket to see which way suits me better.
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