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Default Re: Best line for lake and pond fishing?

I use to fish nymphs in small lakes for trout and generally used a slow sink tip unless I was fishing very shallow water in which case I'd go with a floating line. I'm about to try Clouser deep minnows for bass and am planning on using floating lines and probably 9 to 10' fluoro leaders. The difference is the nymphs were small and mostly unweighted. My Clousers are fairly heavily weighted with barbell eyes. Also the up and down diving action is more pronounced/faster with Clousers which is probably easier to do with a floating line unless you really want to get down deep.

I've fished a number of sink tips including Steelhead Vs, that sink very quickly, and full sinking lines. While they get things down deeper, you pay for it as it's more difficult to get the line and leader out of the water to begin a new cast. Sinking lines cast with much higher line speeds and can play havoc with your casting in general. However, if you need a depth charge to sound the bottom, a full sinking line is the way it's done. I use much shorter leaders with sinking and sink tip lines, often just 3 or 4' in fast moving rivers and will probably use 7 1/2' leaders on the now local bass lakes.
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