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Default Re: Barbless or barbed hooks?

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Quite right. For me the yes or no is really dependent upon the size of the hook. Size 8 and smaller I'll go barbed if reg's permit. Above that I tend to flatten them out as a personal safety matter.

That little lesson was from a Size 4 2X heavy wire hook. Cost $600.00 to get that damned thing extracted at the Emergency Room.
I never thought an ear piercing had as much "yank" at the end. Thank heavens it was barbless, never been one for body piercing.

Trout in NM are usually in the 10 - 20 inch range, hate to booger them up. Our snow pack and average c.f.s. on the streams has been much lower than usual, it's nice to keep the fish as happy and healthy as possible. Anglers too!
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