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Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

Originally Posted by tie one on
555 Dyna-Tip High Float

I was at my favorite flyshop in my area of Michigan this past Saturday morning & asked about this line. One of the guys mentioned that in order to get this "high floating" Cortland had a increase the line diameter. Has anyone heard this same comment ? I know I can trust the guys at this shop, but now my curiousity is up. According to the articles I've read & comments from many of you this line works like a dream. Any additional thoughts or comments. I want to be sure before I spend the $55 for this line.

Tie One On
I have yet to find a reputable flyshop that wont take back a line if it isnt what you like. Ask about their return policy or ask Steve. Steve will replace your line if you dont like it.
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