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Default Re: bright skies and salmon eyes

Nope, I am Miltown Steelhead on lakelink. I live only two minutes away from one of the best steelhead streams in the United states, so we sure do have it good! I have yet to fish the Milwaukee for steelie's. I only fished Grant park and Menominee river by Miller. Being 17 and just getting my license has opened up plenty of opportunities for me to hit different streams. I love to steelhead and brown fish, but salmon just holds me over to the winter.

I found instead of flossing the zombie fish that if you hit em in the face with a clouser minnow (Bright colors) **** em off and they attack but they have no fight left. So I am just waiting for redington to replace my rod (Tip broke on a damn zombie) and then I'll get back to steelies! and hopefully fish some of the north fork of the kickapoo when I go up there for hunting in november.
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