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Originally Posted by kerryssz View Post
I'm gonna have to make that first one in perch color. Awsome looking fly! A pike slayer!
I tend to do best with yellow and oj myself. Didnt do too bad on the purple and orange either. I do think these will do very well for pike since they are in that 3-4 inch range. I think the bunny tail adds much needed girth to the over all profile. I like the way the bunny moves in the water but marabou seams to do much better and it is longer. I am an old musky hound and have for years been on marabou on in-line spinner baits more commonly known as bucktails. Since my faves are made of marabou over bucktail well you can see where I am going with this. I do have another pattern that has worked even better in the spring for pike. The best so far has been a 39" but I wont shair that pattern with anyone.
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