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Default Re: Salt Water Fly Fishing closest to Orlando...Help Please :)


Wow, I really appreciate the detailed advice. I have heard good things about Indian River and Mosquito bay so I will have to check those out and I truly appreciate the directions. I was also curious if you guys have any advice on fishing for those species during the December months? Any fly recommendations? and since I have never fished saltwater how should I setup my leaders and what fish require a shock leader?

I really wanted to try my hand at some bone fishing but from what I have found out I need to head down to the keys for that am I correct in that assumption?

Also I am willing to travel a few hours outside of Orlando so if you know of any "Must Fish" areas I would appreciate you helping me make this an awesome trip. I will be there for 11 days and if I am not fishing I will be forced to hang with the in laws excuses are a must.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it, really.
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