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Default Castwell's knot - Old flyline to leader knot

Anyone else ever seen this knot? Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly Fishing the Salt - 18 - Wading"

I found it one day a couple of months ago immediately after I nail knotted a piece of 30# mono to my fly line to use for loop-loop connection. When checking the strength of the knot, the darned thing came off and effectively stripped my fly line to the core! Anyway I know that a LOT of people use nail knots without problems....they're just not my cup of tea. Plus, I don't enjoy tying them -- even with the quick tie tool.

I've been using this castwell knot (actually a "lap knot", or 1/2 sheet bend, or whatever else you call it) for a while now on my rods (and my wife's) and after a lot of fish (bass, rainbows, a catfish, and a nile tilapia), and more importantly -- some really nasty bottom hang-ups -- I'm impressed with it! I've not had one slip, break, anything as far as I can tell. It takes literally 6 seconds to tie and is no more bulky than a nail knot using 30# test.

I'm sure everyone has a go-to knot for this purpose, and that's fine. Whatever works for you. I just have never seen or heard this one mentioned by anyone out there and thought I'd put this out there in case anyone has had my experience with the other knots either being overly difficult to tie or not holding well .

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