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Default Re: Castwell's knot - Old flyline to leader knot

Really? I honestly do believe you guys and definitely don't want to lose a potentially good fish due to knots.

The problem I'm having is this:

The last nail knot I tied to a piece of fly line stripped the coating on the line when I tested it just like I do any knot that I tie and led to my obvious conclusion - "To heck with this, I'm going to find something else!"

Albright knots are a real pain to tie using fly line IME -- it's not bad with mono>braid, but when fly line is thrown in there it wants to "bunch and/or twist" making the coils hard to tighten down properly.

Uni knot (false nail knot) is a pain for similar reasons

Needle knot looks to me like performing surgery on a mouse and again, I don't trust nail knots -- at least not ones that I've tied

The pre-tied loop in my SA fly line appeared to get "bitten" easily and I didn't trust it to hold, so I cut it off and did the castwell.

There has to be a better way Maybe I'll got for the full sheetbend and just not plan to ever let it pass through the rod guides when fighting a fish

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Push it backwards and it falls apart. It didn't work for me then and I wouldn't trust it now.
I understand you. That said, I've tied this several times and can never get the sucker to back-off and untie....even when I wanted to do just that. Basically I've tied it just like the link and really pulled it quite tightly. I'd have to cut it off to remove it!

I wish I had a machine to test it like knot wars, but I swear to you that I cannot get the thing to break, no matter how hard I pull the two materials apart from each other.

I'm willing to try other options though -- so this is good
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