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Default Re: WTB: New/Used Float Tube

PM sent. I have a nice one w/fins, if you are still interested.

Originally Posted by newby View Post
Hey everyone. I've borrowed a float tube a few times and really enjoy fishing from them, and now have a little bit of spending money. Figured I would buy my own float tube.

I was thinking about seeing if anybody out there has a float tube they are willing to let go for a reasonable price. I'm on a pretty limited budget (16, going to high school, no job), but would like to get something decent.

I am looking for any float tube, new or used, as long as it is in good shape and holds air. I am open to styles (U-boat, V-shaped dual bladder, etc....). If fins and/or a pump comes with it then so much the better.

Looking to spend at MOST $150, hopefully a little less. I know its not much.

So if anybody out there has a float tube, new or used, with or without fins and a pump, let me know. Send me a PM or drop a post. I can't spend too much on it, but would definitely appreciate a good deal.
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