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Default Re: Salt Water Fly Fishing closest to Orlando...Help Please :)

Correct on the Keys and Bonefish. For a leader I used, in general, for the Indian River a 9 ft tapered leader of 60/20/20 proportions ending in a 12 lb test tippet. My go to flies were Brown and Yellow and Red/White bendbacks for Reds and Sea Trout. a black Muddler looking fly with Beadchain eyes for Black Drum, a great target during winter months, a White Wooley Bugger for snook tied with white marabou tail, white hackle and white Estaz body. Throw in a couple of Dupree Spoon Flies in gold, and a few Deceivers and Clousers in Chartruse and various colors and you've bout got it. I always carried a medium sized Dahlberg in Red and White or Red/Yellow for surface fishing for Tarpon and others, especially in the canals out there toward Mosq. Lagoon and near Black's Point. Carry some 30-40 lb test for shock leaders for when Tarpon or Snook are around. (fishing mangrove shorelines and in canals where you see them )
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