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Default Re: Some tactical questions (trout fishing)

Hey guys,

I'm in Colorado Springs. Love it here but there is no "great" place to fish unless I drive an hour or more. Not complaining though, could be worse. I have family in the Black Hills so get there occasionally. My uncle taught me to fly fish and lives there. He's retired and fishes several days a week so I have a "free" guide so to speak.

tbblom is right about being sneaky. I saw a gorgous Rainbow hovering in a shallow sandy bottom pool and I had to carefully bushwack my way down there and try to figure out how on earth to get a fly in front of him. All that effort was for not...he was gonzo by the time I got to the scene.

Sounds like I should get a shorter stick...another excuse to get a rod. The fly guy is a guide but I can't imagine an 8 1/2 footer in this particular spot. The G2 sells for something like $740 too...a lot to part with for a stream that is 8 hours from home that I visit twice per year. I have a Lamson Litespeed 1.5 reel, should be balanced well for a shorter rod.
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