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Default Sage SPL 181-3 rod build - Anyone want to help ?

Hi guys,
I'm in a bit of a situation. I broke my favorite rod, a sage spl 181-3 that I bought on CL. Since it was originally purchase as a blank and custom built, sage only replaced it with another blank. I'm not a rod builder, and really don't have time to learn such an involved skill.

So I'm looking for someone who is an accomplished enough rod builder that's got some spare time on their hands to complete my sage rod. I understand that rod building isn't easy, and that it is time consuming. However, there's not a lot in the budget to have this rod built. Any recommendations ?

There's no time limit, and I wouldn't mind if it took all winter to complete. I'd be happy to pay for shipping and parts of course, and a bit for your time, though not as much as I would need to pay a professional. I don't expect mastery and a perfect rod. I will appreciate your artistic input in selecting the components, or I could select them myself.

Thanks in advance !

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